Death By Tech Vault Leak: May 8th, 2020

There's a reason Facebook groups are so volatile.

I write a couple of articles each week and post them to my Death By Tech blog. Half of those posts go to all subscribers, the other half only to paying subscribers. But every now again, after a few months, one of those paying posts leaks from the vault and comes to you for free!

Today’s leaked post is from February 24th and is titled The Anatomy of a Broken Facebook Group. Here’s a preview:

Through all the lies and missteps Facebook has had over the years, there is one fundamental lie that underpins everything Facebook does. Facebook has never wavered from this lie because to do so would be an existential threat to its ability to collect our data in order to sell it to advertisers. The lie is that the Facebook online experience mirrors real-life personal relationships.

Read the whole article here.

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