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I’m Jon Watson and I’m a Linux systems engineer by trade and by passion. Mostly passion and with that passion comes a lot of writing. I write about technical stuff from various viewpoints. Sometimes I write How To’s, sometimes I write about some crazy tool or service that I have found useful, and sometimes I pontificate about how technology is used, or misused, in the world. That’s the main stuff you’re going to get here.

I also write the occasional personal post and even a short story now and again.

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Honestly, the main reason to subscribe to my work is to encourage me to continue and to show a little appreciation. I have been writing for a long time, and this is the first time I have set up a space where my readers can contribute to me directly. It’s liberating to know that every penny that flows my way is a deliberate action on the part of one of my readers instead of via some algorithm nobody understands. Even free subscribers light up my face.

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Mostly tech. Lots of Linux. Some fiction. A few dogs. These are the ramblings of a career sysadmin working in infosec.


I’m Jon Watson and I’m a Linux systems engineer by trade. I write about how technology affects our lives, with varying degrees of technicality and lucidity.